Where will you travel for parties?  I am centrally located in the Monroe area right off of I-75.  I like to tell people I travel from airport to airport.  That means I'll go from Dayton to Northern Kentucky (just hopefully not in the same day).  I've been known to work events in Columbus and Indiana as well.

How soon should I book my party?  The sooner the better.  I book events as early as 6 months out.  Some of my regular clients already have dates booked a year in advance.  As soon as you know the date you are looking at, let me know and we can 'pencil it' my calendar. 

How much is it?  My rate is $100 for the first hour and $75 for every hour thereafter.  If you are booking during off peak hours please message me.

Can you donate to my event/organization?  There are a few special charities that I donate my services to every year.  If you have an organization that is interested in my services contact me and I will give you some options and help you stay within budget.  I appreciate that you are a 'not for profit', I on the other hand, am not. 

How do I pay you?  I accept cash, check or credit card payments.  Credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing fee. 

How many balloons do you make in an hour?  This is a tricky question.  At a child's birthday party my rate is based on 15 kids attending the party.  If a large portion of the kids request swords or wands (which don't take as much time) then each child might take a few balloons home.  On average I can make about 20-30 incredible balloon creations an hour.  I can easily make 50-75 different designs that take less than 5 minutes each.  If you come in requesting the life size 'Hardly-Davidson' then you are going to be waiting for at least 2 hours. 

Are your balloons latex free?  Currently there are no balloons that I can use for my sculptures that are latex free.  If someone at your event has a latex allergy then they will most certainly have a reaction. 

I care about my environment, are your balloons biodegradable?  Latex is a 100-percent natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water. The degradation process begins almost immediately. Oxidation, the “frosting” that makes latex balloons look as if they are losing their color, is one of the first signs of the process. Exposure to sunlight quickens the process, but natural microorganisms attack natural rubber even in the dark. Research shows that under similar environmental conditions, latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree. The actual total degradation time will vary depending on the precise conditions.

My child loves twisting balloons, can you teach him/her?  I LOVE teaching people to create something from balloons!  I even offer a party package that would have me show up with all the supplies to teach your guests how to create something spectacular.  At this time I am not offering any private or ongoing lessons.  I would gladly direct you to some fantastic books, dvds and websites to get started.  I would even be happy to tell you where I get my balloons and balloon pump.  Just message me and ask!